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Fulltilt Level 1 Team Issue Boots (Hot Dogger)

Posted on December 20th, 2011 in Gear by Spencer

Update: These are not the 2013 Hot Dogger Boots. These were a special Level 1 collaboration. Check out our SIA 2013 Full Tilt Boots post.

A pair special Fulltilt Hot Dogger Boots were spotted in the wild this weekend. Tom Wallisch, who sported the new snow kicks, was dropping hammers which earned him the win in Men’s Ski Slopestyle at the first stop of the Winter Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado.

The new Full Tilt Level 1 Team Issue boot isn’t just Tom’s. The all white back features the names and signatures of the best freestyle skiers around. The likes of  Tanner Rainville, Tom Wallisch, Corey Vanular, Mike Hornbeck, and Will Wesson are all represented. The front of the boot appears to be black with the same overall design and construction as the 2012 Hot Dogger boots. The new color scheme is classy. I don’t see any panels with shoe laces but we have only really had a small glimpse at the boots. More information to come. SIA is only a month from now and I will be trying these boots on and giving my first impressions. Check back.


Tom Wallisch’s 2012 Full Tilt Hot Dogger Boot In Blue

Posted on January 26th, 2011 in Gear by Spencer

Hot Damn Hot Doggers! Willi’s Ski Shop captured an image of Tom Wallisch’s 2012 Full Tilt Hot Dogger Pro Model boot. The blue is nice and it seems to fit in line with his overall theme of being RAD. Check back tomorrow in the 2011 SIA Coverage page as I will display how it looks with my jeans tucked into the top.

Tom Wallisch Wins Freeskier Skier Of The Year

Posted on January 5th, 2011 in General, Skiers by Kyle

Tom Wallisch takes home Freeskier’s Skier of the Year. Congratulations Tom!

Skier Of the Year: Round 3 Analysis & Finals

Posted on November 24th, 2010 in General, Skiers by Kyle

Two giants in Candide and Simon Dumont have fallen leaving Sammy and Tom left to duke it out.


Scott Launches Wallisch Wednesdays

Posted on November 3rd, 2010 in Gear, General by Kyle

If the first episode is an indication of those to come, looks like we’ll be seeing some product promotions as well as some quick ski edits. Marketing is marketing I suppose. I actually do like to be able to watch a vid on a product I’m thinking about purchasing.

Tom Wallisch, Mike Riddle and Nick Martini Join North Face Team

Posted on November 1st, 2010 in Skiers by Spencer

(neverstopexploring.com) The North Face, the world’s premier supplier of authentic, innovative and technically advanced outdoor apparel, equipment and footwear, today announced skiers Tom Wallisch, Nick Martini and Mike Riddle have joined its athlete team. The North Face has a team of more than 60 professional global athletes which includes snowboarders, skiers, rock climbers, mountaineers and ultrarunners.
VIA: neverstopexploring.com

Tom Wallisch Pro Model Fix SCOTT Goggles

Posted on October 11th, 2010 in Gear by Spencer

SCOTT Sports and skiing’s most progressive skier, Tom Wallisch, have teamed up to create the first ever Tom Wallisch Signature Fix Goggle. Wallisch worked with SCOTT designers who used his Pittsburgh background to create a goggle that incorporates PIttsburgh Steelers inspired print, penguins and Wallisch’s own pretzel insignia. “I was pumped to have so much involvement in designing my own goggle. The Fix is definitely the best goggle I’ve ever worn and the graphics SCOTT came up with are just what I wanted. I’m stoked!” remarked Wallisch.

The Tom Wallisch Pro Model Fix is based off the highly successful Fix Goggle and features SCOTT’s proven Natural Light (NL) – 32 lens. The Wallisch Pro Model is set to hit stores in limited quantities mid November with a retail price of $110.

Shop Tom Wallisch Scott Fix Goggle

In The Beginning… 2010 FreeStyle.ch

Posted on September 28th, 2010 in Events by Spencer

The 2010 Freestyle.ch has come and gone and the 2010/2011 season is right around the bend. I was just starting to enjoy my summer here in Oregon, but I guess it is time to get my skis mounted and waxed (We have to wax in Oregon because the snow has little baby arms that grab you). The Freestyle.ch gives me the chance to speculate who made it up to Hood and Blackcomb in the off season. You can tell by an athlete’s demeanor and style.

The toughest competitor on the ramp this year was moister, dripping off the limited edition goggles warn by skiing’s elite athletes. After checking out the videos from the event I could not determine a clear winner. I will tell you one thing… I can’t watch anymore double corks. I am sorry but Sammy Carlson made it boring when he landed a triple at Mt Hood during the filming of the new TGR film. The FreeStyle.ch was everything we expected from the action sports festival. Henrik Harlaut, Elias Ambühl, Andreas Håtveit, and PK Hunder held it down. I truly didn’t expect a Euro sweep of the podium but the Americans did hold it down for the other half of the top ten. GO USA
2010 FreeStyle.ch Results: 1) Henrik Harlaut, 2) Elias Ambühl, 3) Andreas Håtveit, 4) PK Hunder

Check out 2010 Freestyle.ch Video / Results

Jon Olsson Super Sessions 2010 Have Started

Posted on April 7th, 2010 in Events by Spencer

The 2010 Jon Olsson Super Sessions have began in Are’ Sweden. It is already day three and things are looking up, way up. As always the jumps are big and so is the supporting cast. Keep watching for more competition and rider info as it becomes available. Until then who sit back and watch some vids. READ MORE

Watch JOSS Videos

Day 1: 2010 X Games Slopestyle Results

Posted on January 28th, 2010 in Events, General by Spencer

Day 1 is over and so are the X games for a couple unfortunate professional skiers. Since only the top 8 move up, the men’s slopestyle finals are going to be packed with the best. I wasn’t really impressed with the double flipping straight rail riding competition today. I am stoked to see Sammy and Tom throw down with more style Saturday. Check out the Skiing Slopestyle Men’s Final on ESPN 2 this Saturday, January 30 at 4 pm- 6 pm.

The women’s slopestyle field was quite a bit smaller so the finals were held today. Kaya Turski, Keri Herman, and Grete Eliassen rounded out the top 3 with no real surprises.

Men’s 2010 X Games Slopestyle Elimination Results:
(Top 8 Make it to Finals)
1 Andreas Hatveit, 2 Bobby Brown, 3 Russ Henshaw, 4 Sammy Carlson, 5 Tom Wallisch, 6 Phil Casabon, 7 Jossi Wells, 8 Matt Walker, 9 JF Houle, 10 Jacob Wester, 11 Elias Ambuhl, 12 Charles Gagnier, 13 Alexis Godbout, 14 TJ Schiller, 15 PK Hunder, 16 Colby West

Women’s 2010 X Games Slopestyle Final Results:
1 Kaya Turski, 2 Keri Herman, 3 Grete Eliassen, 4 Ashley Battersby, 5 Megan Olenick, 6 Sarah Burke, 7 Kristi Leskinen