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Posted on February 23rd, 2012 by Spencer

It is not everyday that you find such amazing deals on the gear you want and need to finish up the season. Come on people… Might I remind you that it is only February. There is still a ton of powder to be had and park to slay before we call it a year. The Clymb came through with a great offering from Flylow Outerwear, Surface Skis and Tecnica Boots. Now if they only tracked down a binding manufacturer we could get a full kit at 50% of the retail price. I will take what I can get.

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2 Responses to “The Clymb Sale: Flylow Outerwear, Surface Skis, Tecnica Boots Discounted”

  1. viktor says:

    hey seshday.com has some good deals on ski stuff this week too

    (or at least, the next day or so…)

    Orage outerwear
    SickStickz poles
    Electric goggles and bags

    for sure there is still a ton of powder to be had!

  2. TOm says:

    Nice! But I would check out LeftLaneSports.com first. They have a sale on HEAD racing skiis first. You can save about $600. In my experience, LeftLane has lower prices and ships products within 1 day (not 2 months like the Clymb). PS LeftLane has a boardshop with a bunch of snow gear.

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