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Posted on February 2nd, 2011 by Spencer

It’s finally official. Colby James West has signed a long term four year contract with Kastle Skis. Sounds like he is going to help develop the freeski program that as of now is still in proto. I am stoked to see what they come out with and I guess 2012 SIA will be the place to do that. Colby will be a great asset to Kastle and should help them spring into the market with legit product. The only issue I have is that we won’t we able to touch skis for the next 18 months. I guess we will need to watch for Colby rocking something new in competition throughout the rest of the season.

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One Response to “Colby James West Officially On Kastle Skis”

  1. lizzy says:

    Holy WOW awesome. Ever since kastle made their first twin in greenery I was psyched for their potential freeski line! Congrats to colby and thanks for making it happen this is gonna be sick kastle rips it!

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