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Posted on December 30th, 2010 by Kyle


If you aren’t familiar with Winter Project then let me be so kind as to introduce you. Winter Project is an independent ski/snowboard movie company from Sweden. Founded in 2007 by professional skier Adam Falk and photographer Nicke Jacobsson. Now in their 3rd season of filming and creating webisodes Winter Project is focused on creating films where all the riders that participate in the films also have a hand in the ideas that go into the creation. Their goal is to show the viewing public what the life of the riders really is and at the same time bring you some of the best riding in the industry. Perhaps the Winter Project site says it best…”In other words, intense lifestyle documentaries mixed with the skiing from some of the world’s best skiers.”

Be sure to check out the interview over on Newschoolers right now as well. It’ll give you a little behind the scenes commentary as to what to expect as well as some still shots from filming.

Winter Project – S03 EP01 from Winter Project on Vimeo.

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