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Posted on December 7th, 2008 by Spencer

Well, well, well. It looks like Tanner Hall will be competing in both Slope Style and Half Pipe this year at the NEW AST Winter Dew Tour. It has been a while since Mr. Hall has been seen in both the half pipe and in slope style. Tanner will be sharing this honor with a couple other skiers that call themselves the best in the world. Simon Dumont, Sammy Carlson, Peter Olenick, Jossi Wells, AJ Kemppainen and Colby West will all be duel eventers this season although it is not yet said what stops they will be visiting.

Men’s Ski SuperpipeWomen’s Ski SuperpipeMen’s Ski SlopestyleWomen’s Ski Slopestyle
Christian AllenSarah BurkeAnders BackeAshley Battersby
Xavier BertoniJessica CummingBobby BrownVirginie Faivre
Sammy CarlsonRoz GroenewoudSammy CarlsonKeri Herman
Justin DoreyJen HudakPhilip CasabonAnna Segal
Matt DuhamelAngeli VanlaanenMichael ClarkeKaya Turski
Simon DumontThomas Dolplads
Sean FieldSimon Dumont
Tanner HallCharles Gagnier
Matt HaywardTanner Hall
AJ KemppainenRuss Henshaw
Marshall LaCroixJF Houle
Kalle LeinonenAJ Kemppainen
Peter OlenickKalle Leinonen
Tucker PerkinsPeter Olenick
Mike RiddleTanner Rainville
Taylor SeatonMatt Walker
Lyndon SheehanTom Wallisch
JP SolbergJossi Wells
Jossi WellsColby West
Colby WestJacob Wester

Via: EXPN Skiing

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