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Posted on June 4th, 2011 by Kyle

So I don’t know wtf I’ve been doing for the past couple years but somehow I’ve managed to overlook the sport of Wakeskiing completely. I happen to see a team update from Stereo Wakeski’s on NS the other day and hesitantly clicked on it. Imagining that what was to follow was some Jimmy-rigged water ski with snow-ski boots and bindings on them and then Jimmy himself being dragged half in control behind a 1984 Seaswirl I/O. Well maybe not that extreme but I definitely had second thoughts about following the link. However, when I did I was absolutely mistaken. There’s a whole damn Wakeski industry out there that looks to be in the blossoming stage but it’s absolutely legit. My apologies Wakeskiing for doubting you. After watching a few video’s and scrolling around the Stereo skis site I’ve come to the conclusion that Wakeskiing looks fun and can definitely be a substitute for the snow during those dreaded sunny months. Especially if you’ve got access to a cable park. Which seems to be most similar to skiing a park on snow. I don’t know, if everyone already knows about Wakeskiing and I’m just making an ass of myself then fine. But i’m convinced there are many of you out there that have yet to lay eyes on some Wakeskiing so check out the video below of the 2010 European Wakeski Open.

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