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Posted on March 1st, 2011 by Kyle

I woke up an hour early this morning. 5am. Why? Well my alarm went off then. Why? I have no idea. No reason and I don’t remember setting it an hour early, but I didn’t realize it till I was already out of the shower, dressed and sitting down at the ol’ MacBookPro to see what’s new in this looney tunes world. Why do you care about all this useless information? Because it gave me a chance to check out the TrashParty series. Can’t think of a reason why I haven’t yet but better late than never I suppose. The guys at HappyProductions have a good thing going and I’m stoked to see what’s to come. Looks like the end of every month they release a new episode? One thing that got me pumped was they get some really awesome shots that could make some sic photographs. Such as when they rip down the fence and are gapping it in a sort of step down thing for example. The lighting is bad ass and one of the shots with the boarder made me say “ooooooh”. Literally. Mix in all the antics and fun in between shots and you’ve created a recipe for a good time. Not that I they’re copying in anyway, but it gives off some hints of Line’s Traveling Circus stuff.  Great filming and editing for sure, somebody’s got an eye for how a picture should be!

And when you’re done with the vids, follow the link at the bottom and head on over to the HappyPro blog. They’ve got a whole mess of additional content to peruse through.

The TrashParty Ep. 3 from Happypro on Vimeo.

Watch Episodes 1 & 2….It’ll make you feel funny on the inside.

The TrashParty Ep. 1 from Happypro on Vimeo.

The TrashParty Ep. 2 from Happypro on Vimeo.

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