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Posted on December 13th, 2010 by Kyle


We’ve seen the powder skis, the all mountain, now it’s time to check out Freeskier’s Top 10 Park Skis for 2010-2011. With Salomon, Volkl and Armada each getting two pair on the list, that only leaves 4 spots for other brands to compete over. Read on to see who made the list. The Salomon Suspect’s reign supreme this year according to the rankings, but if you look closely you’ll see that the Volkl Ledge actually received the same score. The difference looks to be that the Salomon is a much more carving friendly pair of boards. Which I’m not surprised, carving is something Salomon has always been known for. The Volkl Wall comes in 3rd, only .1 behind #1 and #2. So props to Volkl for the strong finish. The list is below, but follow on to Freeskier to see the whole post along with pics and a short rundown of each ski. The “more info” links will also take you over to Freeskier’s page for each ski.   

Top 10 Park Skis for 2010-2011: FREESKIER’S EDITOR’S PICKS


One Response to “Freeskier Magazine: TOP 10 MEN’S PARK SKIS 2010/2011”

  1. Spencer says:

    I had an awesome time on the Salomon Suspect Skis. They are very lively and the edge armor does do its job on rails. My favorite aspect of the Suspect is the fact that they are the most explosive ski off the lip. You can really build them up and get a snappy pop when you let the energy out.

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