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Posted on July 12th, 2009 by Spencer

November 2009 UPDATE:
Tom Wallisch Joins Scott Skis International Team

Read More about Tom Wallisch!

What would Tom Wallisch do? Posts have been flying around the web today (NewSchoolers.com) that T Wallisch is dumping ski sponsor Amplid for Scott Skis. There are some even crazier stories that Burton might be producing some new Hyphy sticks. Over Jakes dead body.

Although this sounds more like a rumor than fact it is worth investigating. Right now Scott Skis website is down which only fuels the fire that Tim Russell might have another team mate very soon. SkiersRealm will keep watching to see if we can find any facts to substantiate the story.

UPDATE: Tom Wallisch Joins Scott Skis International Team, Read More about Tom Wallisch!

One Response to “Tom Wallisch On Scott Skis ?”

  1. john maiden says:

    i can’t imagine that he’d leave amplid. they make probably the best skis, which actually raised him.
    that would mean changing awesome product for money. well, everything has got a price …

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