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Posted on August 26th, 2011 by Kyle

There’s a good lil’ interview with The Ordinary Skier himself, Seth Morrison, over on TGR’s site right now. It’s not long so go read it, takes 5 min. 10 if you read @ a Pre-Schoolers level. Do Pre-Schoolers even read? Anyway…Seth’s been going strong since ’92 and it’s pretty awesome to hear about the different stages in his ski career. And also to hear him say he’s still experiencing things that are new to him in skiing. Pretty much making it impossible for any other skier on this planet to claim they’ve seen and done it all. But that’s the amazing thing about our sport you can ski your whole life and accomplish as much as Seth has and still know that there are experiences out there waiting for you that will stop you in your tracks and make you appreciate the fact that life’s giving you that moment.

So head on over to TGR’s site and check out the interview with Seth Morrison on ‘The Ordinary Skier’

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