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Posted on November 10th, 2009 by Spencer

Sounds like Jon has figured out how to choose the best riders in Europe to represent at the Jon Olsson Super Sessions for 2010. Who will be in the top spots? Will they be indeed the best? I am stoked to see how the rookies do. I think this will make the event better than ever. Read the entire press release.

So I think its about time to release some info about JOSS 2010.

I thought that I would start by announcing how Team Europe will be put together. This is not an easy task, no matter how I do it there will be discussions whether it was the right guys that got in. So I decided to go with a simple and fair formula, I want the best skiers to represent Team Europe at JOSS and I feel that this is the right way.

Team Europe will be put together based on the skiers performance at the City Big Airs during the fall, the two Europeans that has collected the best positions at the following events will represent Europe.

-Freestyle. Berlin
-London Freeze
-Barcelona Big Air
-King of style, Stockholm

1st=12 points
2nd=11 points
3rd= 10 points
4th= 9 points
5th= 8 points
6th= 7 points
7th= 6 points
8th= 5 points
9th= 4 points
10th= 3 points
11th= 2 points
12th=1 point.

The best 4 results will count.

***If a skier that is already invited to represent Sweden or Norway makes the top two, he will not count on the list, and nr 3 on the list will be on Team Europe etc. Since team Sweden and Norway has top guys in the Big Airs I will announce those two teams tomorrow!
Big changes are to be madeā€¦;-)

I hope you guys think I made the right call, I think this brings the best two skiers to Team Europe.

Not to forget is that there will be 3 skiers in the JOSS teams this year, the third skier will be a rookie (Never been invited to X games before) This spot will be open for qualifiquations, more info on this will follow!

More JOSS info will be dropping on here through out the fall!


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