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Posted on November 17th, 2008 by Spencer

Photo: Jamey Voss/Red Bull Skiing

Photo: Jamey Voss/Red Bull Skiing

To be honest, this post will be minimally related to Tanner Hall. Nevertheless, he’s a swell guy, a talented skier, and his name gets googled enough that it must be a good idea to put his name in the head, title, and body of a post at least every now and then. In the latest Tanner news, Hall judged the London Freeze Big Air as recently as two weeks ago. In a quick break from the rigors of adjudication, Tanner showed the crowd and staff that he knows his way around the business end of a shovel, too. Not that that’s a surprise, given his high regard for backcountry skiing.

A blog post and photo gallery feature information from the event, pictorial representations of the thrilling action thereof, and candid photos of “Maneater”-live-minus-Oates casting a most discerning, frogskin-clad eye on the contest. Chris O’Connell also made clever use of regional vernacular and idioms in his engaging account of his experience, impression of the event on Armada’s website. Get with (behind) the times and check it out.

In other Tanner Hall news, Dakine has just picked up Tanner and his little partner in Massive crime, Sean Pettit. Or is it that they’ve picked up Dakine? I don’t know. But stay on the lookout for T-Hall-Dakine collab product someday soon. In a related story, the economy hangs on the horns of a dye-lemma as the pigment industry braces itself for a projected shortage of red, yellow, and green textile dyes.

Thanks for the traffic boost, Tannerhall.com.

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