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Posted on May 10th, 2011 by Kyle

Jumping ship for a sec so we could bring you what’s going on up at Mt. Bachelor right now. Snowboarder Mag’s Superpark 15 has invaded the slopes of Bachelor’s Outback Lift Chair and have built what I’m calling a down right scary set of park madness. Usually Superpark is a completely off limits event when it comes to public spectators, but in an effort to possibly draw more attention or just make it more of a snow community atmosphere this year the public can actually check out some of what’s going on as it’s happening. The whole thing is still very private and invite only, about 300 athletes, media, staff, and brobro’s have special pass access to the grounds. But with parts of Superpark passing directly beneath the Outback chair, Joe Schmoe public can actually ride the lift and check the scene as it glides by beneath them. Pretty cool and pretty terrifying! When I saw the Seven Springs feature I’m pretty sure I wet my pants a bit. The pics from Snowboarder Mag’s day one coverage don’t do it Justice. In real life the thing is 20-25+ feet tall, and at peak height in the air I’m going to guess the riders will be close to 40ft in the air. It’s just damn right intimidating. Check out the shots from Day One over on Snowboarder’s spot. And while you’re at it, how about a behind the scenes video of what goes in to creating the Superpark (I like to call it The Super Duper). It really is quite the collaboration between resorts from all over. Which is why, even though it ain’t a skiing production, I’ll be damned if it don’t deserve some recognition. So props to everyone involved, especially Bachelor’s Park Manager Haimes Ellerbe who’s getting Bachelor some crazy press the last few years, Pat Malendoski (sold me my first snowboard) who’s been shaping jumps and the sport since way way back, and James Jackson who’s local shop Side Effect have been an influential part of the Bend, OR snow scene since before I was a little tater. Super stoked to see some more media coverage of the event, maybe I can even grab a few shots of my own….even though I hear it’s pretty locked down when it comes to photog’s.

P.S. I also hear the all snowboard event has been breeched by a couple of two plankers. Rumor’s of Dane Tudor and Sammy Carlson being invited are circulating as well as possibly a third skier too. So def looking forward to checking out what those guys can crank out. Represent!

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