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Posted on November 17th, 2011 by Kyle

Bigger every year. Both in crowd capacity and features. The 2012 Skjersaa’s Ski Shop Rail Jam is putting Bend, Oregon skiing on the map! Come Saturday night the parking lot and most of Century dr are going to be packed full of Winter’s hooligans ready to get stoked up for the looming snow season. The crew has been working morning, noon, and night getting this thing ready for the weekend so I figured I’d throw up a few shots of them slaving away. Hopefully it gives everyone an idea as to the preparation that has to go into an event like this. But there’s always room for more help, in fact, if you’ve got a truck and can spare an hour or two tomorrow (11/17/11) we need YOUR truck. Well the bed at least. Starting tomorrow morning a modest fleet of pickups will be making trips up to Mt. Bachelor and back, hauling snow down for the event. The truck supply is thin this year so if you can help out with just one load it would be an amazing help to the Rail Jam! Show up in the AM, and head to the mtn, get a tractor bucket full of snow and come dump it in the Skjersaa’s parking lot. Instant +15 Karma boost!

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