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Posted on January 27th, 2011 by Kyle

Buy the MFD All Time at Backcountry.com or buy the MFD Alltime at Evo.com

We posted on this a while ago when it first caught our eyes and at the time it sounded like a great idea that we & a lot of others were hoping went into production. Since then there’s been considerable interest in the MFD Alltime Binding but I haven’t heard too much more about it from a progress standpoint. That is until today. Rounding a corner in the late hours of day 1 of #SIA11 what did I run into but the MFD booth. JACKPOT. And most likely jackpost. Because I know a lot of people are wanting to hear more on this product. So here is what we know, according to MFD Director of Sales there is going to be a limited release in 2 weeks. But don’t get your hopes up. However, they should be in full production an making their way to shelves come next season. The MFD will come in three models made to fit bindings of the Rossignol/Look systems, Salomon/Atomic, and Tyrolia/4Frnt/Head systems. Marker must wait. Expect the MFD to retail around the $299.

In person these things are sic, and I personally can’t wait to mount the MFD switch plates to every pair of skis I own so I can swap 1 pair of bindings between all the skis in my quiver (a mere 3 at the moment…).

Here are some pics and look for a short vid….shortly as well. And be sure to check out the MFD site and sign up for their newsletter as well. You’re gonna want to have all the latest info on these gems.

MFD Alltime Backcountry/Sidecountry Touring Binding Plate from Skiers Realm on Vimeo.

5 Responses to “Live at #SIA11 & Coming this Fall: The MFD Alltime Binding!”

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  2. bob says:

    what a POS! that think wont tour well at all…look at where the pivot is!!! it will be worse than a naxo (until I saw this, I didnt think that was possible)

  3. JOhan says:

    DOPE!!!!! WANT…!

  4. Spencer says:

    I am totally going with a pair of MFD’s this season. I am not sure what Bob is talking about. The pivot point will be fine and the rear hill assist is very easy to use. In fact this entire system can be engaged with your ski pole.

  5. [...] We stumbled upon the MFD today at SIA11, here is the post along with some pics and a short video of it doing it’s thang…http://www.skiersrealm.com/connect/general/sia11-mfd-alltime-binding [...]

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