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Posted on October 20th, 2011 by Kyle

There’s nothing wrong with shopping online, and it’s definitely getting more popular by the day, and as long as the retailer does it right it can be quite convenient. But just like shopping in a brick and mortar store, everthing is domne for a reason. From the local bro shop all the way to the grocery store, there’s a reason you see what you see in the order and environment you see it in. One of the best real life examples I can think of is: Why do you think grocery stores always have the eggs and milk at the back of the store?…so you have to walk through it all to get to them and thus more likely to make additional purchases.

Now I’m not hating on marketing or retailing. No way, proper marketing and research is what leads to eye pleasing and efficient sites. It helps drive people to create the next best site or convenient method of checkout. You just gotta be on top of your game not to buy everything you see that says “SALE!!!” What it comes down to for me is customer service and personal experience, that’s how you’re gonna get me to be a repeat customer and tell all my friends about the awesome purchase I just made.

All that aside, check out this graphic I found on skiingbusiness.com about the reasons marketers and online retail do what they do. It’s interesting and if anything I think it will help everyone become more responsible shoppers. Which may or may not be good for the online retail industry, but it’ll be good for you.

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  1. Kyle says:

    haha, that was awesome!

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