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Posted on March 27th, 2009 by Spencer

Shane McConkey died yesterday near Corvara Italy while filming for the new Matchstick video in the Dolomite Mountains with fellow skier J.T. Holmes. Shane was filming a segment in which he would attempt to ski off of a cliff, drop his skis and fly away with the help of a wing suit before he pulled his chute. When he jumped his ski bindings malfunctioned putting him in an uncontrollable spin which resulted in his death.

Base jumping and skiing were two of his favorite things to do. In 2003 Shane put his two favorite sports together and skied off a cliff with a parachute. Although many in the ski community viewed this cliff jump as just another stunt, Shane saw it as a new component of skiing. This opened up an entirely new perspective for Shane on where he could ski and what types of lines he could claim. Shane said, “there are a lot of lines that you cant do because it ends in a big giant cliff”.  This new avenue allowed him to ski those once thought untouchable lines.

Shane, like most of us lived for the pure adrenaline rush. Rest in peace.

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Shane McConkey from Jake Kirshner on Vimeo.

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