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Posted on October 11th, 2009 by Spencer

Photo: Mark Fisher

Photo: Mark Fisher

Backcountry.com just signed rocker Seth Morrison onto their pro team. I’m not sure how other pro teams work with their athletes, but at Backcountry they need to get mixed up with the online community, provide unique pics and stories, and write product reviews if they want to get paid. Seth shouldn’t have a problem with that seeing as how he has a kickass blog.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Backcountry Team. I’ve been going to Backcountry.com for years to check out reviews and see the newest latest all in one place,” said Seth. “Stoked to see all of my pro model gear on the site, it lets me know that we’re creating needed products for today’s skier.”

I bet he writes lengthy product reviews of his pro model gear and one word reviews of every other ski: “meh.” Backcountry.com is stoked to have this iconic, badass skier as part of their team. I hope he survives the spanking machine Backcountry.com Athlete hazing ritual.
Via: Backcountry The Goat Blog

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