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Posted on December 12th, 2011 by Kyle


And the craziness continues in the ski industry sponsor world today with Sammy Carlson leaving Salomon and joining up with Swiss ski maker, APO. This comes not long after Simon Dumont jumped the Salomon ship and made his way to Head Skis. Two very very big names to be parting with Salomon, makes me wonder whats going on behind closed doors over there…But back to Sammy. It sounds like he’s stoked on the move and so therefore so are we.

From the APO Site: Sammy says “I am stoked to join the APO team. We will be building skis from the ground up, the right way! The ski designer has over 20 years of experience shaping skis and snowboards, and he created the first slanted sidewall ski, the Scratch. We are working on a pro-model park ski coming out next year and we will also start working on a pro-model pow ski. I am excited to bring APO into the ski world, APO has been a snowboard brand for over 20 years. Keep your eyes out for some fresh videos brought to you by myself and APO.

Support the movement!”

As long as it helps progress and grow the sport in positive ways I couldn’t be happier. Furthermore…Sammy C pro model pow ski!?! Can’t wait to check that out for sure. Check out the APO vid welcoming Sammy to the team, which just so happens to be filmed at our local snow hill here in Bend Oregon…Mt. Bachelor. Talk about some valuable press time for the crew at Mt. Bachelor, that video is gonna be everywhere and I bet it didn’t even cost them a Super Park sized check. Central Oregon REPRESENT.

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