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Posted on November 1st, 2009 by Spencer

The biggest names in free skiing once again converged onto London town for the 2009 Freeze. This years jump was awesomely big and then it rained. The competition almost did not happen when half of the landing washed away. Simon Dumont cut his losses and did not compete. The skiers that kept their boots on were given the chance to hit the kicker after about two hours of work. Props to the staff that were able to get the new snow to stick to the wet landing. Overall the competition was a success. Props to Russ, Andreas and Bobby.

1. Russ Henshaw, 2. Bobby Brown, 3. Andreas Håtveit, 4. Benedict Mayr, 5. Jacob Wester, 6. Corey Vanular, 7. Roy Kittler, 8. Elias Ambuhl, 9. Fridtjof Fredricsson, 10. Phil Casabon, 11. Matt Walker, 11. Paddy Graham, 13. Tom Wallisch, 13. Alexis Godbout, 15. TJ Schiller

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