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Posted on July 11th, 2011 by Kyle

Whoa! Just saw this headline come across the SportsBusinessDaily site, “Ski resort owner Powdr Corp. buys majority share of action sports’ Camp Woodward”. Clicking on the link I’m only able to see a brief snippet of the article without actually signing up for a subscription (which apparently costs $259/yr, yea no thanks…) But anyway here’s what I can read and therefore so can you….

From: SportsBusinessDaily.com

By Tripp Mickle, Staff Writer
Published July 11, 2011, Page 4

“The action sports camp that’s become a summer haven for trendsetting youth has been acquired by one of the largest ski resort operators in the country.   Three of Camp Woodward’s founding partners have sold their stake in the sports camp to Powdr Corp., making the ski resort…”

And that’s all I got. My guess is the article then goes on to say things like how much the deal probably went for and why Woodward decided to sell a majority stake in the camp to Powdr Corp. Then there’s probably even some more about how Powdr wants to keep the camp how it is or make it better in order for the future of action sports to benefit (I use tea leaves to tell me the future too!)

One thing to look for out of this deal is more camps like Woodward at Copper (Powder Corp owns that too). You gotta think it’s only natural that Powdr is going to look at expanding woodward to it’s other resorts, especially after the success of Woodward @ Copper. Which is awesome for potential shred campers around the country. I remember when I wanted to go to Woodward as a little grom, one of the biggest factors that crushed my dream was the fact that it was all the way across the country. So this could be a great thing for the progression of our sport. But this is a pretty big step for Powdr since they’re main biz is the Ski Resort Industry and Woodward as a whole operates camps in not only Skiing and Snowboarding but also Skateboarding, BMX, Mountain Biking, Inline Skating (wait that’s still around?), and Surfing.

Well, Woodward has been huge part of the development of the action sports industries so let’s hope it continues that way. Luck to them both and hope that it only gets better from here!

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