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Posted on July 15th, 2011 by Kyle

How big are we here at SkiersRealm? HAH! Clearly we’re not. A site started by this one guy (Spencer) who’s up to his earballs in wakeboarding pretty much year round and needed an outlet to express his other passion in life Skiing. A site that probably wouldn’t have happened without somebody who had some interwebz knowledge (Jason) on how to create a simple blog so that spencer could regurgitate the news stories he thought were cool. A site that would no doubt currently be sitting stagnant if this other guy (me: Kyle) wouldn’t have been approached by Spencer to take over the postings (read: regurgitation) of ski industry news that we think is important. So that’s how big we are. Minuscule when it comes to the likes of ski news sites like Freeskier, NewSchoolers, or even BroBomb. But whatever, it’s fun to do so we’ll probably keep it going anyway. And even though 90-95% of the things you see here are probably posted on some other ski site, we like to think that we’re making some kind of a difference in the the snow world. Besides, do you know how hard it is to come up with original content in the middle of summer when you’re also working 40 hours a week? Plus I’m kinda lazy (Read: feel free to send ideas for content).

Well by now you’re probably starting to wonder wtf the point of this post is. Really there isn’t one, I just didn’t know what to put up so I started writing. But then I noticed something, our facebook page had 49 fans, or maybe they’re called “likes” now. Then somebody happen to feel sorry enough for our pitiful 49 likes to put it over the hill and reach the half century mark. 50 damn facebook fans! Hell I’m even going to give a shout out to the lucky number 50; Jack Marcus, thanks for doing your part and making us look popular! If  you’re feeling bored at work, or home, or where ever you might be, feel free to do the same. You’ll receive absolutely no benefit and the best part is, there really is no reason to like our facebook page in the first place. We don’t update it with anything other than an auto-feed of our website and there are like 3 or 4 pictures on there of really nothing at all. In fact it looks like two logos and then a weather forecast from last year. I suppose I should look into a doing something with it? Then again…lazy.

These are the posts that start popping up when the snow stops falling….

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