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Posted on June 28th, 2011 by Kyle

It’s trailer season, It’s trailer season, IT’S TRAILER SEASON! And so we bring you TGR’s One For The Road Trailer. As TGR puts it (on there website that is)…”"One for the Road”, is a ski and snowboard film following some of the world’s most progressive snow sports athletes, documenting their lives on the road, and capturing some of the most stunning riding to date. Road trips are an integral part of every adventurer’s life and a conduit to define one’s being. Journeys to new lands shed light on each skier’s personal mission. Whether shredding with long time ski partners, or meeting a seasoned character in some far off country, wisdom is gained through these new experiences. The road trip is a metaphor for every skiers’ existence.”

The flick is shot on location in locations such as…Jackson Hole, Japan’s Hokkaido, Iceland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Nelson BC’s Baldface Lodge , Pemberton, BC, and Juneau, AK. And stars professional snow gophers such as Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Ian McIntosh, Dana Flahr, Dylan Hood, Dash Longe, Rachael Burks, Callum Pettit, Griffin Post, Todd Ligare, Chris Benchetler, Shroder Baker, Daron Rahlves, Sven Küenle, Byron Wells, Seth Morrison, Andreas Hatveit, Rory Bushfield, Nick Martini, Tom Wallisch, Mike Riddle, Erik Roner, Grete Eliassen, aaaaaaand Josh Dirksen (from Bend, OR (Shout out!)).

So now that I’ve tried to camouflage what TGR posted on their site when they released the trailer (I’m at work, what do you expect.) check it out now. The official trailer for TGR’s One For The Road!

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  1. Very enjoyable blog, will be bookmarking for future use. Just thinking, are you happy to use user submitted content? Keep posting!

  2. Kyle says:

    Always open to seeing what our readers have to say and share! Send us what ever you’re thinking of and we’ll take a look!

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