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Posted on March 31st, 2011 by Kyle

If you’ve been anywhere near the ski industry over the last few years you’ve no doubt heard of the the Rossignol S7′s. These ski’s might be the biggest thing to hit winter since Glen Plake’s mohawk. And If you’ve ever had the pleasure of riding a pair of them then you know what all the hype’s about. Making powder easy to ski is probably one of retails greatest inventions. I remember when I first learned to ski, I hated powder. I was in 4th grade and probably 80 lbs. My skis were maybe 80mm underfoot. Powder was my enemy. I promptly went to the darkside, snowboarding. Flash forward 15 years and I’ve returned to my roots. And probably the biggest reason for this coming of full circle is the insane advancements in ski technology, and at this point in the ski evolutionary timeline the Rossignol S7 is sitting in the driver seat. By giving you’re average skier the ability to ride pow like a hero and still carve up the groomers all on the same ski, Rossignol has developed a ski that had cult classic status right from first pressing. But in this review we aren’t talking about the S7, this spotlight is steady on the Super 7. The S7′s big bro.

Let’s start with the differences between the S7 and the Super 7. The most obvious is the dimensions. The Rossignol Super 7 comes in lengths 188 and 195, whereas the S7 is available in a 168, 178, and 188. So you have the longer 195cm for one. Next you have the widths – Super 7:: 146/117/127 S7:: 145/115/123. Verdict, Super 7 is carrying more of what you need to attack and be comfortable on the bigger mountain lines. The biggest difference in construction between the Super 7 and S7 is that the Super 7 has titanal reinforcements running inside the core while the S7 is a carbon laminate. Results: A little heavier and more stable when you need it to be. It’ll bomb though anything in it’s path.

So how’d it ski? Well as expected. Awesome. One thing I really noticed was that the weight of the ski seemed to be very evenly distributed from tip to tail. Which seemed to make it ski very smoothly. Like a new pair of truck tires. I just bought new truck tires…On the groomers I found myself looking down in a bit of amazement, wondering how a ski shaped so oddly can produce so easily. It was easy to rail long drawn out, high speed carvers and then switch to super quick/tight slalom turns. A good word to describe the way the Super 7/S7 skis: Playful. It’s a very stable design at both high and low speeds. Cruising the getbacks or flats didn’t produce much wandering. Which is what I call it when your ski wants to follow every rut and ridge it crosses. I didn’t have to focus much of my attention to keeping them in line at all. At high speeds I felt super comfortable on them as well, and that goes for both on and off piste. On the groomers there was no sacrifice from the width or shape that I could notice. As fast as I wanted, no issues. Off piste is where the Super 7 shined tho. It’s ability to float over the fresh and un groomed crud was impressive, and it never lost to much of that playful feeling either. I didn’t think the agility was quite of that of the Moment Bibby Pro, but it was still up there for sure. It really gave me the mindset that the mountain was my playground to use as I please. Really the Rossignol S7′s and Super 7′s are known as being an awesome ski, and that’s for a good reason….they’re awesome. Furthermore, there haven’t been any changes in them for the last what, 3 years? Other than the graphics that is, and this years graphics are the best yet I’d say. Anyone looking for an all-mountain ski will be happy with this set of sticks. Especially if you’re looking for your first pair of fat skis. The S7 and Super 7 is a great gateway ski to the world of pow skis, and the 2012 versions are already showing up in shops so if you’re on your game you can pick up a pair right now and prob still get to rock them in some deep snow before winter’s over. Especially the way this winter has been going, seems like everyone is hitting record/near record snow falls. I feel like that’s pretty much all I need to say on these things. I highly recommend a demo if you’ve never been on them.

Writing this actually gave me quite the craving to get back on them again and go skiing.

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13 Responses to “2012 Rossignol Super 7: Official Review”

  1. Jase says:

    Dimensions are not right. 2012 188 Super 7 is the exact same shape as 188 S7, 145/115/123. 2012 195 Super 7 is slightly wider throughout w/ less taper overall. Dimensions on it are 148,5/120/130. At least that is what Rossi has printed on the skis. One question, where did you have these mounted for your ski test?

  2. Kyle says:

    Hmm. Well Jase, all I can say is those dimensions are coming directly from the 2011/2012 Rossignol catalog. They list two lengths for the Super 7; a 188 and 195. And for those two lengths there is only one set of dimensions given, 146/117/127. I have no idea why there would be a difference in what the ski says vs. the catalog. But I know the website lists last year’s Super 7′s as having a 117 waist as well and to my knowledge there has been no changes to the dimensions of the ski. As for the mounting, it was a demo ski and I don’t know for sure where they were mounted at. But i know it wasn’t center ski, i’m going to guess between 0 and +3.

  3. Boax says:

    The dimensions above are correct; I picked up some 10/11 195 Super 7s last week and they are 120 waist.

    Skiers Realm: How about a direct comparison between the S7/SS7, Bibby, JJ/AKJJ and Bentchetler?

  4. Kyle says:

    This dimensions thing is baffling to me. I searched around a little bit. It literally sounds like nobody knows…Check this TGR thread out. I’m gonna stick with the catalog dimensions and a 117mm waist. But to each his own!

    @Boax: That comparison sounds rad. That’s definitely a heavy hitters lineup. We’ll see what we can do, I think I could get pretty close to comparing all those. Anything in particular you’re looking for?

  5. Boax says:

    Yeah, just like a direct comparison between the between the S7/SS7, Bibby, JJ/AKJJ and Bentchetler for things like flex, rocker dimensions, weight, groomed performance, deep performance, tight trees performance, and so on. Would make it a really easy decision to pick the one that fits what the skier is looking for.

  6. Kyle says:

    Oh I think I can def. do that. I’ll keep you posted.

  7. Kyle says:

    Just a heads up Boax, the post comparing these skis went live a day or two ago. http://www.skiersrealm.com/general/2012-heavy-hitters

  8. Vin says:

    I have skied on the S7 for the last 3 seasons (with about 165 days on the S7) and just had the Super 7 from Rossignol rep for 6 days in the CA / NV Sierras. I had them in about 14″ of light powder, frozen rutted hard pack, groomed, and heavy corn. First both the S7 and Super 7 really perform great and are a both really playful. I also skied on the 2012 S7 in mid March.

    However with the Titanal metal alloy (not Titanium)they were much more stable tracking on the hard pack and and blasting through the crud. I just ordered the 188 Super 7 for next season.

    Demensions you are correct on the demensions for the 195s the 188 Super 7′s are the same as the 188. The S7s shapes are proportionally scaled by ski length .

    Super 7
    195 = 146/117/123 Radius 22.5
    188 = 145/115/123 Radius 17.5

    If you think this is confusing the woman’s version of the S7 in the shortest size for 2011 was really the S3 shape.

  9. Kyle says:

    I’m surprised there is this much confusion over the the dimensions. All I can say is I got all dimensions from the 2012 catalog. Maybe there are some typo’s in it? Thanks for correcting on the Titanial Metal Alloy. I totally agree about the Super 7 being more of a charger and bombing through crud. It makes a pretty big difference. The Bent Chetler’s gave me that same charge through feeling.

  10. Vin says:

    Its not a typo they only give the info for one size of each model not every size. The Rossignol 2012 catalog just gives the Super 7 demensions and the radius for the 195 if you notice after the Radius they have @195. The S7 are for the 188 Radius @188 the 178 is not listed but it is 110 under foot not 115 with a radius of 14.8 not 17.5.

    I really liked the Bent Chetler as well they get a lot of their energy from the longer and more pronounced camber. So you get a really great rebound as you unweight. Two divergent designs that produce great results. If I could not get the 7′s the Chetler would be my second choice hands down.

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