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Posted on September 22nd, 2011 by Kyle

For anyone unfamiliar with The Clymb, it’s a newer online retailer who specializes in 72-hour sales of miscellaneous outdoor equipment (You need to be a member and be invited actually, in order to access the site, but luckily for you we already are and have a link you can use to get around that! Follow this: http://www.theclymb.com/thegearyouneed). I tend to think of it as a Steep and Cheap-esque site only the sales last for days at a time and there is much more than just one product on sale at a time. As well as multiple brands. Translation: If you play in the outdoors, don’t like paying full retail and also enjoy the feeling of finding a good deal, well then you probably would enjoy The Clymb. Ok, with that all out of the way, the reason you’re seeing this post is that right now one of the brands on The Clymbs site that’s up for sale is Ninthward Skis. They’ve got 10 models available (at the moment) in a variety of sizes and prices are ranging from $199-$399. Really it’s a good way to pick up a pair of good new skis on the cheap. Especially if you’re looking for something in the 110mm underfoot range. They’ve got three models up in this category, the CVP’s, Tha 187′s, and the RDS’s. Anyway, the Sale expires at 9am PDT on 9/26 so it might be worth a look with pow just around the corner!


Ninthward RDS


Ninthward CVP


Ninthward The 187



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