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Posted on January 30th, 2009 by Spencer

The 6.0 team started it’s X Games week off right with Simon taking Bronze in the Superpipe. He had come into the contest, naturally, expecting Gold, as many others expected as well. And each of his three runs looked golden until its very last hit, or lack thereof. Just like last year, Simon was by many accounts the best skier in the contest, just without enough half pipe to show everything he could do. Although he had it dialed in practice, Simon went a little bigger in the contest and ended up running out of pipe before he could get his last-hit alley-oop nine. Oh well, third is pretty sick, right?

And third wasn’t it for Simon. A couple nights later, Simon “Big Air” Dumont bested a formidable and Scandinavian field in the Big Air with, well, it didn’t so much matter what tricks he did, because the winner was determined American Idol style with text-in voting from the television audience. Simon is the guy whose Silver in last year’s X Superpipe prompted droves of fans to boo Tanner Hall and pelt him with snowballs. That popularity prompted people to correctly call him out as a lock to win the democratic Big Air. If the voting format stays the same next year, he ought to just throw a 360 iron cross, point into the camera, smile, and say “Thanks, America.”
After the event, Simon took his hat off to PK Hunder’s tricks and donated his entire winnings to his recently injured friend Riley Poor.

While Simon was doing his thing, Sammy, TJ and Jossi were ripping up the Slopestyle practice sessions. Sammy especially was, as his personal mantra regularly indicates, “super stoked” on the course from the get-go. And TJ, while stoked on the course, was not so stoked on his alternate status. Just one day before the big show, TJ finally got promoted from the Alternate List to the Athlete List. And on contest day, as ESPN.com says, “old TJ was back, well not even old TJ, but some sort of new TJ that’s somehow even better than the old TJ when that TJ was already so [heckin'] good.” And that was good enough for Gold with the super stoked Sammy Carlson right behind him in second.

All in all the Nike 6 team took home four out of a possible seven medals at X, almost swept the Slopestyle, and won two of the three events. You can read more about TJ’s win, Simon’s win and Simon’s show at Newschoolers.com.

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    Are there video clips of the X-Games TV broadcast available anywhere?

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