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Posted on September 14th, 2009 by Spencer

After a long month of training on icy, hard pack, park jumps and competitions, Sammy, Jossi, Simon and I TJ Schiller met up with photographer Blake Jorgenson Poorboyz filmers Phil Benjamin and Tyler Hamlet and Team Manager, Dave Driscoll In Nelson, British Columbia. It was the beginning of our 2 week powder adventure in the Kootney Mountain range.

Our first stop was to the heli pad where we packed up all our gear and bounced on the first heli to Baldface catskiing resort. The resort consisted of about 10 log cabins and a main dinner/recreational hall, 10 snowmobiles and about 5 snowcats. Baldface was the perfect spot for us to warm up our backcountry skills. We sessioned some mellower lines and smaller drops for a couple days before deciding to start building booters. Coming from comp season to pow is the best feeling you can have. Stress free, schralpin powder with your homies, eating great food an doing it all again the next
morning. I especially loved the fact that we were skiing so close to where I grew up. Having that “home” feeling is great when your out getting work done. The first few days at Baldface we had fresh snow and did lots of tree skiing. But after the 4th day the snow stopped coming and it took some work to find the powder stashes. There is ALWAYS snow to be found though. Especially if your in a heli – which brings us to our next stop.

Valhalla Heli & Cat Ski Resort. This place was epic. The food was about as good as all the fresh powder! Heli skiing is pretty nuts. We got some fun lines and got some epic face shots. After flying around for a while we found a pillow field just a short distance from the lodge. We decided to rope some sleds to it and we got after it for an entire day. We absolutely destroyed this area. At the end of the day every possible line had been schralped. The coolest thing about our group out in the backcountry is that were all so used to just skiing park together. So when you put us all out in the BC, were kind of outside our element and you really see each persons true self. Overall it was a great trip and I think we all walked away stoked about pushing ourselves in the BC.


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