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Posted on December 8th, 2010 by Kyle



The folks at Salomon, always on the carving edge of ski technology have introduced the new BBR ski. A new Justin Beber Pro model…..well that’s just ridiculous. Almost as ridic. as the shape of the new model. The BBR will have dimensions 147-88-102 and lengths 166/176/186. That’s right, in all the ruckus of the fat ski revolution Salomon is introducing a 88-underfoot ski. Crazy bastards. According to Salomon, the BBR has been engineered with a watersports inspired design. The goal of the ski is to provide it’s user with “the liberty to carve, cruise, float and play”, “The BBR is unlike any ski ever made. The patented “V” shape redefines skiing on all types of snow” according to a Salomon press release. The BBR with feature an entirely unique design with over sized tip and slight rocker shape for powder days, complimented by a narrow waist, pin tail and short turn radius for on piste performance. It yearns to be the only ski in your quiver. The ski will officiall be launched at the SIA show this January.

My first impession goes a little something like this…”I don’t knooooooooooow…..?” I’m just not real crazy about the shape I guess, I never did hop on the shaped ski bandwagon and am a strong advocate of the fatski revolution. So whatever. I’ll def. try them out if they show up at a demo day around here though. Best to make your own opinions than to listen to some random on the interwebs I always say.


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  1. Spencer says:

    Hopefully we will be able to get on a pair of the Salomon BBR Skis at the SIA on mountain demo or at one of the local industry demos. I think they would be awesome for the old man that can’t get a pair of wide skis on edge but still wants to keep the tips up in powder. I don’t think this is going to be the Pow ski of choice for Sammy Mark or Dane.

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