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Posted on January 22nd, 2012 by Kyle

Though it happened a few weeks ago, we wanted to do a post on the addition of a couple new brands to the SkiersRealm retail site. We’re super stoked to bring on product from Discrete Headwear, Northwest Riders Clothing Co, and Contour!

Northwest Riders Clothing Co:

If you haven’t heard about these guys yet, your life has a hole in it. Hailing out of Lake Forest Park Washington, these guys are still a relatively young company who are growing in the right direction and keeping it all close to home. Representing the Pacific Northwest in all they do, this is the perfect company to rep if you’ve got a love for all things found in the upper left of the nation. Clean, stylish designs and one hell of a logo make it easy to wear this gear.

Check out Northwest Riders Clothing Co. on SkiersRealm!

Discrete Headwear:

Over the last few years Discrete Headwear have been taking over the ski industry one head at a time. What started with owner Julian Carr making beanies for himself and friends has morphed into one of the industries most well known young companies. Not only are they putting out bad ass hats and clothing but have you seen the list of athletes that make up their team? But I guess what do you expect when a pro skier with a bad ass network of pro skier friends decides to create his own headwear company. So if you’re in the market to make your head look better while keeping it warm when on hill, support a true skiing company built from the ground up by skiers.

Check out Discrete Headwear on SkiersRealm!


POV camera’s are all the rage right now. Safe to say I always get a crack up at some of the people I see up at the mountain with their GoPro and Contour POV’s. But it’s also no surprise, humans love to share their experiences, the success of social media is iron clad proof of that. So whether you’re filming the next webisode in your series or just putting together a family vacation video, why not go with the best quality equipment out there? Contour’s POV products are proven to make sure you never miss out on capturing the epicness of another pow day.

Check out Contour on SkiersRealm!




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  1. Spencer says:

    I just bought the Discrete Lexic in the Rasta Beanie colorway. It is legit. Super comfortable and light weight. I am so stoked to see what they have coming for 2013 from Julian Carr and the rest of the team.

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