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Posted on July 26th, 2011 by Kyle

If there’s one thing Powder Mag does right more than anything else it’s the Jaded Local column. I remember the first one I ever read, a basic rant about the bitching that goes on by locals living in a resort town. It was like the article was written just for me. It was perfect, I was instantly in love. So you could understand my excitement today when I checked the Powder website only to find an article exclaiming that every Tuesday they’ll be releasing Jaded Local rejects. Which simply means this: The Jaded Local write ups that don’t make it to the magazine (most likely for politically correct, or the lack there of reasons) will be released online. Why is this good? Well it’s your classic situation of why watch the “R” rated version of a movie when you can get the “Un-rated” version right next to it? Plus I’m not going to lie, this paragraph “This is Original Content here, people. If the Jaded Local column is skiing’s gritty underbelly, this is the Jaded Local’s gritty underbelly. No marketing departments were consulted. Red Bull’s ass was not kissed. There are no space considerations, or for that matter, taste considerations. The DIN is cranked up to 22. There may be boobs…” might have sparked my interest. I mean, who has bindings with a DIN that goes up to 22!? Just kidding….BOOBS!?!? Just how down and dirty is Powdermag.com willing to go? In all honesty though, this is exactly what the online ski community needs. Aside from the fact that little children can hop on the ol’ Internet Explorer and easily read whatever filth from the Jaded Local wasn’t allowed to print, this is the element of skiing that’s been missing from media for a while now. I mean whatever happened to the days of movies like Ski School? Where skiing was as much about getting the goods on the hill as it was was about getting them when the boots (and tops) came off. The industry has always had it’s good vs. evil (corporate resorts vs. locals ski bums) sides to it. But lately, much to the blame of social media, the corporations are no longer the bad guys. They can create the illusion of up to the minute self-images that portray themselves as just another brobrah shredder only in the game for that next powder day. When really we all know what they really want is to move in and perform a hostile takeover of our local mom & pop ski hill only to have their plan foiled by a local drunken ski hero who has to win some sort of seemingly impossible race (completely hungover of course) in order to keep things as they should be. Pabst tall boys, hot tubs and naked chicks.

The Jaded Local is my Dave Marshak, kudos Powdermag.com for keeping the dream alive.

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