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Posted on November 11th, 2010 by Kyle


Mt. Bachelor has launched a new web site to go along with the 2010-11 season. A very good move. I love much easier it is to navigate the site now, compared to the old one…actually no, you can’t compare the two. The work was done by The Creative Brainbox himself Nate Kirschner, A.K.A. Robert Stone, Bachelor’s web designer. The kid has mad talent and an eye for style when it comes to all aspects of life. It’s also rumored that he’s bff’s with Glen Plake’s Mohawk. All in all, the site is a vast improvement to what was and I think it should be accepted quite graciously by the Bachelor crowd. Go check it out at MtBachelor.com


Bachelor is now projecting an opening date of 11/24. After a few good dumps that have been awesome for hikers, they keep getting hit with warming patterns which aren’t helping the snowpack. Here is the forecast for the next 6 days. That ain’t helpin’…. 

One Response to “Mt. Bachelor Launches New Site”

  1. Jason says:

    Whoa, what an awesome upgrade over the old one! I’ve thinking they need to clean things up and go to a more simplistic layout for a while. Well done marketing team, I can’t wait to see it totally finished!

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