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Posted on November 30th, 2011 by Kyle

Doing my daily AM browsing today I stumbled across one hell of a review by Blistergearreview.com of the MFD Alltime Touring Bindings. The shear size of the review was a little intimidating at first but the quality of the info quickly put that fear of reading a 5-page review to bed. While the MFD Alltime is still getting it’s feet wet throughout the industry it’s nice to see that people are excited about the product and are also excited about sharing their experiences about it online and out there for others to read. It’s my personal belief that the MFD is indeed a game changer when it comes to the options a skier has when choosing a backcountry setup. No it’s not meant to replace the gear of the hardcore touring fiend, but it absolutely will compete with the now famous Marker Duke, Marker Baron, and the new for next year Salomon Guardian and Atomic Tracker touring bindings. From what I can see the big benefit of the MFD Alltime is 1. use any pair of bindings you want without having to spend hard earned cash on a more expensive new pair of touring bindings. And 2. swap the MFD Alltime setup between multiple pairs of skis. The downfall is going to come in that and MFD setup is going to be heavier than your typical Resort/Touring binding such as the Marker Duke. Also, it’s priced at $299, which isn’t free. Cheaper than a new pair of Dukes, Barons, Guardians, or Trackers yes, but free, no.

Anyway, I encourage all who are interested in the new MFD Alltime for a touring set up to check out Blistergearreview.com’s super review of them. And thanks Blister for doing such a great job on the review!

Blistergearreview.com – MFD Alltime Alpine Touring Binding

MFD Alltime Site

Buy the MFD Alltime Touring Binding





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  1. Jason says:

    Haven’t seen BlisterGearReview before, cool site, I’ll definitely add it to my list of regular reads!

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