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Posted on November 25th, 2010 by Kyle

Buy the MFD All Time at Backcountry.com or buy the MFD Alltime at Evo.com

So here’s something that caught my eye this morning while on the TGR site. A new product from a company called MFD that allows you to turn any pair of skis you own into a Alpine touring set up. Making it so you can use your normal everyday bindings and skis for resort or backcountry touring. According to the ISPO-Brandnew website “MFD is founded in the quest for the ultimate ski setup. The MFD ALLTIME sets a new standard for alpine touring (AT) bindings. Our system allows skiers to use downhill bindings as AT bindings to ski and tour in the backcountry. From aggressive resort skiing to efficient ski touring, the MFD ALLTIME is the first true crossover ski binding you can ski ALL-THE-TIME. Personally I think the idea is genius, and can say that this totally changes my game plan on the touring set up I am putting together. There isn’t a lot of info on them yet and their website is currently bare bones. But I was able to find the video below which does a pretty good job of showcasing the binding accessory. No clue what the price will be or when they’ll be available. But I can’t imagine them being more expensive than a pair of AT bindings themselves. If these things turn out to be legit and the price point is right, I’ll put them on every pair of skis I own. Check out the video for more info and you can follow the links below too, I’ll definitely be keeping current on this product as well as the Clip Skins we recently reviewed on SkiersRealm. Both products are prime examples of “working smarter not harder”. Cheers.

*Update 1/27/2011*

Buy the MFD All Time at Backcountry.com or buy the MFD Alltime at Evo.com

We stumbled upon the MFD today at SIA11, here is the post along with some pics and a short video of it doing it’s thang…http://www.skiersrealm.com/connect/general/sia11-mfd-alltime-binding

MFD Alltime on Ispo-Brandnew

MFD on Facebook

MFD Website

2 Responses to “MFD Alltime Ski Binding”

  1. Spencer says:

    I want these so bad. Why don’t they just make them already.

  2. Jason says:

    Genius! How come no one has thought of these before now?

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