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Posted on November 12th, 2008 by Spencer

What in the World is The Traveling Circus? Who the heck is Andy Parry & Will Wesson (click here if you don’t)

The Traveling Circus documents the crazy lifestyle that is skiing. From desperate struggles to save money, to ridiculous off hill adventures, to epic days on the mountain, episodes will bridge the gap between reality television and action packed ski intensity.

MOUNT HOOD: A low budget vacation

Will: At the start of summer I considered going to Mt. Hood, camping, and skiing for the summer, but instead chose to work and save money. In early July, I started to regret that decision. Summer Camp updates and edits started to get to me, and that itch to ski returned in full force. All hope seemed lost. Luckily, the good folks over at Windell’s Camp and LINE Skis came to the rescue. They graciously allowed our smelly crew of skiers to hangout for the last two sessions of summer camp.

$50 dollar lift tickets for a few hours of lift time weren’t appealing, so we chose to do it the old fashioned way and hoof it on the daily. The morning hike lasted about an hour each day and provided a good warm up for skiing. Carrying full ski gear, camera gear (Shane), food and water can get heavy, but it was always worth it once we made it up to the park.

Andy: Skiing has taken me some cool places but usually just around the East Coast. This summer I finally got out of New York’s humidity, took a break from shoveling horse poop, and went skiing.

Shane (filmer): Summarizing our trip to Mount Hood and not including the “you had to be there ” stories would be pretty hard. This would include; how I fell into a river, Andy’s love triangles, gypsies, spiders, model boat racing, hard shell tacos, garage sales, playing skate, the one night we slept in “Mantana,” and everything else that happened whenever we weren’t hiking, skiing, or asleep.

Huge thanks to LINE, Josh Malczyk, Jeremiah Paquette, Windells Austin Stevens, Sean Harkins, Tim Windell, Metal Jeff, the long list of people who gave us rides, Geoff McDonald, Windell’s Diggers, MHSSC, anyone else who helped us make it to Hood.

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