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Posted on September 5th, 2011 by Kyle

Wake up this morning and what do I see? LINE’s Traveling Circus Season 4 Episode 1 staring back at me! Winter must be getting close if new TC episodes are popping up. I love this quote from the “About” section on the TC website: “No high production camera crews, no heli trips to AK, just a couple of guys and a camera criss crossing the US in search of nothing but an angled surface to slide on armed with good old fashioned creativity.” That’s what makes this series so successful and why you should dig it. That and the silly skills these yayhoo’s have for grinding rails. It’s like ballet, one 3″ wide metal beam at a time.

First up for Season 4: After a fun filled winter consisting of nothing but skiing and sleeping in their van, the crew takes themselves on a much needed vacation. Consisting of more skiing and sleeping in their van?….that’s why I love em’!

oh yea…smokin’.

2 Responses to “LINE Traveling Circus: Season 4 Episode 1 – Summer Van-Cation!”

  1. dayton says:

    Every episode I see it always seems to amaze me and top the last!

  2. Kyle says:

    I get excited like a little tyke on xmas when I see a new one is out. I know what you mean!

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