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Posted on November 8th, 2010 by Kyle

Hot off the press is Line Skis 2010/2011 mixtape, Word! (Word! is the title). Line has assembled one hell of a diverse team and this edit definitely showcases their talent. They call themselves The Mountain Command Team and from the looks of it they’ve all come to rip. The video highlights clips from Line Riders:

Roy Kittler
Evan Williams
Max Hill
Hari Richter
Andy Parry
Ian Compton
LJ Strenio
Stacey Rachdorf
Erik Olson
Will Wesson
Eric Pollard
Ben Leoni
Matt Brindisi
Andrew Whiteford
Simon Abt
Ike Smith
Peter Kukesh
Joss Christensen
Jim Johannson
Tyler Barnes

There were two riders that really stood out to me and really got me amped to get out and ride. Eric Pollard and LJ Strenio.

Pollard’s style is the definition of style in my opinion. Watching him ride pow just makes me jealous. Not just of the snow he’s getting to shred, but also the way he does it. Slashes, butters, jibs, it’s flowy, floaty, and effortless.  I love it; He shreds it like he’s ripping up a skate park or a wave.

The first hit of LJ’s that caught my eye and made me rewind was at 6 min and 27 sec, the hit/jib where he inverts and tree taps with his hands. I literally said “sic!” out loud when I saw it, and I was alone in my room. Then, LJ also closes out the edit with the last section, which looks to be all shot at Bachelor. My home mountain J I was stoked to see him making use of the rails around our lodges, not to mention that crazy ass gap up-to-down rail. And there is just something about that very last hit, the one where the shot fades to credits. The slow motion mixed with that rotation is just epic.

I currently am rep’n a pair of Line Blends and I love them. They have treated me very well no matter where I’ve taken them. So I have no problem endorsing them. Plus this year’s model has early rise in the tip and tail which I think was a great improvement. I’d love to get my hands on a pair of EP Pro’s or Sir Francis Bacon’s too though. Especially if they’re gonna make ride like EP himself. I’d also be interested in demoing the Prophet 115’s and then the Motherships. The Prophets I believe would be similar to the Blends and I’ve heard great things about them. The Motherships I really don’t know much about but I do see a fair amount of them around on the hill so they’ve got my attention. They are designed to be Line’s answer to every big mountain skiers dreams though so my guess is they rule. Just like the rest of the company.

Line is just a tight company in my opinion. They’ve come a long way since the early days of ski blades….I just had to throw that in there!

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