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Posted on November 7th, 2011 by Kyle

A company who’s been making some headlines already this year that you may or may not have heard of is the binding manufacturer, KneeBinding. The main thing that makes these bindings interesting is that they claim they actually reduce your risk of damaging your knees by the fact that they have a rear release mechanism which provides for a lateral release when needed. With knee injuries such a common thing in skiing, you look at KneeBinding and go….”huh, wonder why nobody else thought of that.” Kinda like when I look at the MFD Alltime touring binding. Now I’ve never skied on a pair of KneeBindings but I do know that they’ve received good press from those who have. In fact a friend of mine was involved with the Powder Mag gear testing this year and they handed out some very kind words to KneeBinding. Which leads me to assume they’re legit and the company could actually be on to something here. As it is we only have a handful of different binding manufacturers right now and the market is basically controlled by the big guys. Marker, Salomon, Look, they aren’t bad but they run the show. So I’m all for introducting new companies to the mix, if anything it’s just going to make everyone else try that much harder to produce a better quality product and safety is a part of quality so perhaps if the KneeBinding can’t perfect it one of the others will. The other awesome thing about KneeBinding is that they’re made in the US. Which is definitely a great reason to support them.

KneeBinding has a great wealth of info about their product on their site for all to check out, so if you’re interested in them I’d highly suggest a visit to their site to do the research. We’ll give ya a video though just cause we care.

To anyone out ther who has experience with KneeBinding’s, we’d love to hear your feed back. As always, SkiersRealm is all about promoting quality products that we think can have a positive impact on our sport!

Kneebinding site

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