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Posted on January 6th, 2009 by Spencer
Sean Pettit Skiing K2 HellBents

Sean Pettit Skiing K2 HellBents

(Red Bull Skiing) A couple weeks ago we caught up with Sean Pettit on the phone while he was sitting in a computer lab at his high school. We talked about his blow up segments in this year’s crop of movies, being a teenage ski star, and fighting with his brother Callum.

Sean, how did last year go for you?

I’d say last year was definitely the best year I’ve had so far. It was crazy and action packed. It’s hard to even put it in words: getting to jump in a heli and whatnot. It was unreal for me.

You have a little issue with heli’s don’t you? They won’t let you go up in the States or something like that?
Well, I haven’t gone to the states yet to get in a helicopter.

I thought there was an issue with you not being 18?
There could be. I haven’t heard that yet, but it’s possible. That wasn’t an issue last year because I was just heli-ing in Pemberton most of the time.

Right, up in Canada you can do anything without signing anything.
It’s better up here, eh? You know?

Yup. Speaking of Canada, was that little intro to your segment in the MSP’s “Claim,” where you’re in a classroom, filmed at your actual high school?
No. Unfortunately that was not in my high school. I wanted it to be really bad to get a better feel to it, but that was filmed in Crested Butte, Colorado. That’s where that was.

So all the students in that shot, you didn’t actually know any of them?
No, I didn’t know any of those people. I actually did get to know one of the girls (pauses), actually pretty well. (Laughs…)

Good work. So do kids you go with to school now, do they see all your stuff? Are you pretty much a rock star?
I try to keep it pretty mellow. I grew up with everybody at my school since grade one, so they just look at me like any other kid. Nothing’s really changed. It’s all the same. I just go on trips and come back and everybody views me as still a normal guy.

Cool. So what did you do this summer?
This summer I was skateboarding a ton, which is my next favorite thing to do. I try to spend most of my time in the summer doing that. I did a little bit of skiing on the Blackcomb Glacier at Camp of Champions. I’m gonna be coaching there this upcoming summer (2009). Other than that I just chilled, went to the beach a bunch, just tried to enjoy my summertime. I like to have all my seasons, you know.

10-4. What do you have lined up for the upcoming season?
Right now it’s a little hard to tell as there is no snow in my area at the moment. But, Jan. 1st I’m supposed to got to Island Lake Lodge with James Heim and Michelle Parker to do some skiing at a cat-skiing place there in Interior B.C. Hopefully that comes through. It’s a pretty sick spot. I’ve checked it out. Right now we’re not sure it’s gonna happen due to the snow factor, so if not we’ll go somewhere else. [Editor Note: The Island Lake Lodge trip was cancelled and the MSP crew is waiting to hear of somewhere with good snow that's stable.]

Well, good luck with that. What goals do you have for yourself this season?
I don’t know if it’s a goal really, well I guess it is, I just pretty much want to have the best segment I can possible have. I’m going to focus everything on filming. That’s my main focus right now. That’s pretty much what I did last year too. I did do Cold Rush last year, and I’m planning on doing it again this year. That’ll probably be the only comp I’ll be doing. I’ll probably do WSI again, but really I want to just focus on filming. That’s what I like to do these days.

Who are you filming with?
I’m committed full time with MSP. Tanner’s not making a movie this year, so that’s no longer, but if he does do some webisode stuff I’ll do some of those with him. I know he’s probably gonna film with MSP this year a bit, so I might do a couple trips with him hopefully. And maybe do a bit of side filming with the boys at Nimbus. Those guys do some cool stuff and I’d like to join them on that.

Nice. Pollard is sick skier and a super nice guy.
Yeah, I’ve skied with him a little bit, Pep and Andy a bit as well as Bentchetler. Hopefully I’ll find some time to do some stuff with those guys, because it’s totally my style. They’ve influenced my skiing a lot. Watching Idea made me all last year be all about trying hand drags and stuff like that.

So, everybody you end up skiing with is older that you. What’s the dynamic like?
Everyone treats everyone the same pretty much. It’s not like I’m the little guy and I don’t know anything. I guess I’ve been doing it a while now, so I’ve learned from watching and listening to these guys in the backcountry. Especially, living in Whistler is a big help. When we’re out there nobody’s really telling me what to do. When you’re out filming you’re kind of on your own program. It’s up to you to get on top of lines and fire out shots as fast as you can so you can have a productive day.

Do you remember the fight with Callum in Austria last winter?
We fight a lot. I don’t know if I remember…I think I’m kind of remembering?

Do you remember what it was about?
Our fights are never really about anything. We fight just to fight. It’s probably because we were all pissed off we couldn’t ski there. We go all the way to Austria and we can’t ski, so we fight.

It was about a tube of toothpaste. Any good fights lately?
It’s been a while. I guess this summer.

Maybe you’re growing out of it.
We’ll fight again. As soon as winter comes back we’ll fight. We’ll battle it out.

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