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Posted on July 10th, 2009 by Spencer

If my name was Todd Bracher I would move to Government Camp for the summer and ski everyday. Since I would only be able to ski in the mornings, it would only be natural to follow my heart and publish the days events on some sort of new media outlet. I would feel responsible to K2, and the world to express why the K2 Hood House is so awesome and such a great use of funds in these hard economic times.

Well, my name is Spencer not Todd so I can only imagine what it must be like to live the life of T-Money Bracher. I guess we will read the words from this master of disaster and live through him not with him.

Words by Todd: Summer has officially arrived. Andy Mahre and I wanted to see what our first ski day of this great season would offer so we left Government Camp and headed to the Timberline parking lot. The day before we had broken out of the clouds half way up Palmer but the wind was strong all day. Our first ski day of summer 09 we broke through the cloud layer at the end of the Magic Mile, it was blue and sunny with fresh snow covering the massive volcano. Andy and I made some runs on Palmer and decided to explore the snowfield to the west and sample some summer pow.

We haven’t seen the sun much this June, it’s been variable but there have been great ski days. Our K2 House has been busy with groups of athletes and product engineers coming in to test new products on Mt. Hood.

If you plan to visit Mt. Hood this summer be sure to stop by the K2 House in Government Camp behind the Huckleberry Inn, our hours are 2-5pm. We have a wide range of sizes and models at the K2 House including our entire twin tip line, the women’s T:Nine line, all mountain skis and our new BackSide series which we have mounted with tele, AT and alpine bindings.

We hope to see you at Mt. Hood this summer

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