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Posted on January 2nd, 2011 by Kyle

Greg Hill accomplished something no body else has done. He successfully climbed over 2,000,000 vertical feet in a year. All completely on man and will power. The celebration was quick and done right. Friends and family and champagne from the bottle to commemorate the final tally of 2,000,716. Congratulations from all of us here at SkiersRealm to ya Greg, this was an amazing accomplishment. Even though the search for powder is never ending I hope you’ll at least take a few days off and relax before getting back out there!

For the first hand documentation of the big day, follow on to Greg’s blog.

“It was such a cold day that we did not want to wait too long at the top so soo enough we all skied down.  Was my 2 Millionth foot turn any better because of all the effort? Perhaps.. But what felt even better was getting to the bottom of the run and putting my skins back on for another lap…. a carefree lap that was simply to do extra. My legs felt light, my pace free and the turns great of course.”


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