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Posted on November 23rd, 2010 by Kyle

Freeskier recently released a list of what they’re calling the top 10 powder skis for the upcoming 2010/11 season. Being as there are more than a few mega storms suppose to come through this Winter I thought it would be a good list to pass along. So if you live in an area that sees a large amount of powder days or you just want to add to your quiver, you may want to use this list as a starting point to find yourself the perfect play toy for those deep days. Just looking at them is getting me amped to go bury myself in the White Room. Looking out the window, I see that my wish just may come true because one of those “Mega Storms” is currently puking its guts out over Central Oregon! Wish I had some Hellbents….

UPDATE: If you live in the Mammoth area, you need to purchase two sets of Hellbents, attach them to eachother. Then and only then will you MAYBE be able to ski after 10.5-15.5 FEET of snow that just fell….


  1. #1 – K2 Hellbent - SCORE: 18.5
  2. #3 – Fat-ypus I-Rock - SCORE: 17.6
  3. #4 – Nordica Radict - SCORE: 17.2
  4. #5 – 4FRNT Renegade - SCORE: 16.8
  5. #7 – 4FRNT CRJ - SCORE: 16.5
  6. #8 – Kastle Hugo 128 - SCORE: 15.2
  7. #9 – Blizzard Zeus - SCORE: 15.1

2 Responses to “Freeskier Mag: 10 Best Powder Skis of 2010/11”

  1. charlie says:

    Why aren’t the 4frnt and armada skis just named S7′s. They’re basically a different topsheet…..

    sorry Jas.

  2. Spencer says:

    I am pretty sure Armada and rossignol both came out with that shape for the 2008 / 2009 season. The name should be the SJJ7′s and be animal themed. My question to both companies is why create the shortage by under producing every year? Does that really raise the demand or just steer consumers into a different brand that is in stock?

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