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Posted on April 15th, 2011 by Kyle

If you saw our DPS post from the SIA show earlier this year then your eyes had to have landed on this little gem from DPS, the Spoon. A totally new concept in skis which very well could revolutionize free skiing and how we view the terrain we ride. The Spoon is named for its over all shape, like a spoon…duh. The model that DPS brought to SIA was their first version of the ski, although when talking to them there it sounded like they had developed a model or two before just in testing. Originally the spoon had no contact points, true spoon shape. The model at SIA had 4 contact points, given to the ski because with out something they found it basically impossible to stop the ski. In the pic above, you can see the contact points indicated by the red triangles on the top-sheet. The shots below show some profile views of what these contact points look like.

While we haven’t seen the newest version of the spoon in person, DPS did post an entry on their blog about it that had a profile shot of the skis. From this view it looks as if they’ve added a 3rd set of contact points to the Spoon, more directly underfoot. See the shot below and count for yourself, I count 3, but hey, could be wrong.

Other than that DPS doesn’t really say what improvements they made to this newest version of the Spoon. Just that…”While the first version undoubtedly proved the merit of the concept, and offered glimpses into a world beyond a square edge, it was obvious that Spoon was an incredibly technical ski with a few major shortcomings. We immediately launched into a second design that drew from the successes of the first version while attacking its limitations.” Vague, but exciting. I can only imagine how buttery these skis are in the powpow.

Enlighten yourself and read the full entry from the DPS Skis Blog.

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