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Posted on October 3rd, 2011 by Kyle


Today is Monday. And when it’s the Monday after returning from an anything short of belligerent weekend in Denver for the GABF (Great American Beer Festival) it blows. Mostly because I’d rather be doing anything that sitting behind the desk squinting at tiny little text. So like any red blooded American I waste valuable work time by looking on the Internet for anything that’s cooler than excel spreadsheets. Luckily that’s pretty much everything. Today’s highlights included 1. The stock market plummeting…again, which in turn also meant my personal portfolio was bent over without even the common courtesy of a kiss. And 2. Nimbus Independent’s release of En Route Alaska, which is literally on every ski site you can think of. Exactly why I’m doing my best to bring a little flavor to the Nimbus feast. Ok ok, one little link? Nimbus Independent’s – En Route Alaska!

But aside from those joyous black holes of Internet procrastination, I also came across a few other vids; The first is The Steep Life teaser from Dean Cummings and the guides up at H2O and the second is the first release for this season (which is actually the last episode from last season…think hard) from one of my personal favorite webisode series, The BC Boys. Oh, and then there’s also a lovely bit of writing telling me Timberline has opened for the 2011-12 season. Skiing is officially here!…in Oregon at least. Which, I guess is good for me and anyone reading this withing, oh lets say 150 miles of Timberline. Maybe more if you’re really ambitious. Winter is getting closer, I can feel it!

The Steep Life Teaser


BC Boys – Episode 6


Powder Magazine – Opening Day is Here (sort of).

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