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Posted on February 13th, 2011 by Kyle

I’m pumped to hear that Bluehouse is moving some of their production from China back to the States. Utah to be specific. Sounds like at first they’ll be bringing back all prototype production, pro model production and something like 20% of commercial products to a new 5,000-sqft factory in SLC. They also hope to bump that 20% up to 50% in the next few years. Check the press release below for the rest of the story. Big ups to Bluehouse Ski Co. for this move! And stay tuned to SkiersRealm for an official review on their Maestro ski. As I just received a pair a few weeks ago and the pow is finally returning!

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (February 3, 2011) – Bluehouse Ski Company, a small, independent manufacturer of factory-direct skis, will move a significant amount of their production and distribution to a 5,000 square-foot facility in Salt Lake City in February 2011. Bluehouse’s factory-direct business model has seen major success since the company’s launch in 2007, and, as a result, requires a more accessible factory.

With the development of the Salt Lake factory, certain Bluehouse ski models will now proudly be manufactured in Utah.  Other models will continue to be produced overseas. The USA factory will house a new heated ski press system, which has the capacity to produce 10,000 pairs of skis per year. This domestic factory will allow Bluehouse to research and develop products at a faster pace and experiment with progressive methods and materials in ski production. In both USA and overseas facilities, Bluehouse will continue to use 100% bamboo cores, a renewable resource, in every ski.

“It’s not always feasible for ski companies to bring their production to North America, but we’ve worked hard to bring our factory closer to home,” said Dan Nebeker, co-founder of Bluehouse. “We want to support the local and US economy as much as possible, and a Utah factory was an important decision for us if we wanted to stay true to our vision. Utah is the perfect state to operate Bluehouse from. The snow is the best in the country, the terrain is rugged for ski testing and we’re so close to a major airport.”  It was a smart decision.

Launched in 2007 by then 26-year-old Dan Nebeker, 27-year-old Adam Hepworth and 26-year-old Jared Richards in the middle of the country’s recession, Bluehouse’s online factory-direct method brought skis to the market in a way that no other manufacturer could. Skiers looking for bargain prices on new skis without compromising on quality could bypass retailers and purchase Bluehouse skis at factory prices online. The overwhelming response from Internet shoppers and ski enthusiasts influenced the quick growth of Bluehouse and its continual success as an affordable, cutting-edge ski manufacturer. Nationally distributed ski industry magazines have recognized the company’s District, MR, Antic, Maven, Maestro, and Shoot models for their performance and quality, adding to Bluehouse’s credible reputation among the ski industry.

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