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Posted on June 21st, 2011 by Kyle

Bluehouse Skis have been making some headlines this year within the ski community as they continue to grow the company from the small boutique manufacturer dreamed up by 3 college kids in Provo, UT. Earlier this year we did a post on them bringing some of their production from China back home to the US (Salt Lake City to be exact). Which is awesome because it gives the impression that these guys actually care about doing the right thing more than just making some cash. Another example of them having their heads on straight is the fact that they focus almost all of their sales through a factory direct (in fact the name of their sales site is Factory Direct Skis)method through the internet. Their belief is that if they can keep prices lower for the end consumer by cutting out reps and retailers then thats all the better. In fact it ends up being about 50% less than retail better. Skiing business just released a great Q&A interview article with Bluehouse Skis which dives into why they’ve decided to use this type of sales and manufacturing model and how they’re making it work. Being that I’m always interested in hearing about how a company runs it’s operations I wanted to share it with everyone who cares to take a look. I’ve also been skiing on a pair of Bluehouse Maestro’s (look for a detailed review of the ski in the near future) for the past year and since I’ve been so happy with them I thought I could help do them some justice by spreading the word about their company.

If you’re not sure about the Bluehouse model, perhaps a little friendly persuasion will help. Not only are their prices close to half the price you’ll expect to pay in a retail shop but they also offer free shipping to the lower 48 with purchase. And don’t worry about not liking what you decided to purchase, their 30 day satisfaction guarantee keeps you covered there too. If you decide you made the wrong decision just return them within that 30 days for a full refund. These are the kind of things you’d expect from a company that’s really trying to push their product through online only sales, especially if their concerned with customer service. Which Bluehouse clearly is.

So check out the article then make your way over to the Bluehouse website and do some research on the actual company. It’s a pretty cool new approach to making it in the ski industry that I think deserves mentioning!

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