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Posted on November 11th, 2009 by Spencer

Russ Henshaw took number one at the first annual Barcelona Snow Show this weekend in Spain. It was a show down of double corks but that is what gets you paid these days. The video montage says it all. The setup looked awesome and with a 115 foot tall drop in there was no lack of speed. The only issue seemed to be the landing which didn’t hold up after a couple crashes. The event rolled on with Russ, Elias, and Tom killing it in the finals.
1. Russ Henshaw
2. Elias Ambuhl
3. Tom Wallisch
4. TJ Schiller
5. Andreas Håtveit
6. Jon Olsson
7. Paddy Graham
8. Patrick Hollaus
9. Benedikt Mayr
10. Noah Albaladejo

Tom Wallisch. photo: Esteve Munmany

Tom Wallisch. photo: Esteve Munmany

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