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Posted on November 4th, 2010 by Kyle

TGR’s Almost Live web series, now in its second season, is what I would consider to be a breath of fresh air in the world of web edits. If you have yet to check out the series I highly recomend doing so. Especially if you’re at work. Because I guarantee listening to Sage Cattabriga-Alosa talk about throwing “Sleepy 3′s” of 30 footers will get you through that “2:30 feeling” much quicker than any 5-hour energy shot. While it’s definitely doing its job as a “Teaser” for their new flicks, like Light The Wick, the series is providing viewers with a sic perspective of what goes on behind the scenes of making the TGR films. The episodes usually are around 2-3min and touch on everything from naming the videos and testing new gear to dealing with injuries and checking out new locations. So now that you know what its about, check out the latest episode below and then mosey on over to the Almost Live spot on TGR and brush up on the rest of Season’s 1 & 2. That should keep you busy most of the work day!

Here is the official  description of the series on the TGR site: “The Almost Live series takes you around the globe with the TGR production team and athletes. Get an inside look at what goes into first descents, building and hitting massive backcountry jumps, traveling throughout the most exotic locales on the planet, and the lives of the worlds top riders. “Almost Live” plants you on location with our crew. You will be able to track our progress throughout the season, and watch the drama unfold.”

Idaho – Backcountry Kickers – Season 2 Episode 18

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