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Posted on November 29th, 2010 by Kyle

Freeskier Magazine released their Top 10 list of All-Mountain skis for 2010/11. Check em’ out and follow along. I didn’t see anythingreal surprising on the list, maybe the Fujas being #2 and not seeing anything on the list from Line. I personally am starting to really want to test out something from Liberty Skis. They are starting to pop up on the radar more often. If anyone has experience with them, leave a comment about your exprience with them so far. Powder for all.

 Freeskier Mag: All Mountain: EDITOR’S PICKS 

  1. Volkl- Bridge – OVERALL: 18.1
  2. K2- Kung Fujas – OVERALL: 17.9
  3. Fischer- Watea 98 – OVERALL: 16.8
  4. Volkl- Mantra – OVERALL: 16.3
  5. Blizzard- Atlas – OVERALL: 16.2
  6. Liberty- Helix – OVERALL: 16
  7. Rossignol- S5 – OVERALL: 16
  8. Salomon- Sentinel – OVERALL: 15.6
  9. Kastle- MX 98 – OVERALL: 15.5
  10. Salomon- Shogun – OVERALL: 15.3

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