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Posted on February 29th, 2012 by Kyle

Aaaaaaand the winner is…..2013 Surface Lab! Ok so the comparison is a joke. These were just the two things that caught my eyeballs this am while surfing the ski world online. No I don’t care about some stupid ski through starbucks at Squaw. That’s stupid and waste of both skiers and readers time. So read about it here. I didn’t.

What I do care about, and so should you, is the new 2013 Surface Lab Skis that are now being tested. Utilizing Surface’s new Deep Dish technology the Surface Lab has a all around convex shape (similar to what we’ve seen in the DPS Spoon) and is suppose to be a “can do it all” ski that really excels when it comes to powder and surfy-ness. From the looks of the videos below it’s accomplishing all that and more. I’ve seen the skis in person and they’ve got a crazy ass shape going on, can’t believe they perform on the groomers but below is your proof!

Surface Skis: Lab Pow 01

Surface Lab Skis: Raw Footy

P.S. Surface Skis are ON SALE now.

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