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Posted on February 1st, 2012 by Kyle

2013 Line Skis

Here’s something I know everyone has been waiting for, pics of all the 2013 Line Skis gear you could ever want. Well maybe you could want more, but this is what you get. Love the new graphics on the Mr. Pollards Opus, Sir Francis Bacon, and the Blends. The Blends are actually 10% lighter this year too which is crazy since I already thought they were a light ski. For the ladies we see the return of the Line Pandora which developed an awesome reputation so far and a new women’s ski the 2013 Line Soulmate ski, which should prove to be another great all-mountain/big mountain ski. Anyway, go look at some pics. Look forward to some vids too from the Line booth as soon as we can get them all cut-up and posted!

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